So i wait for over a year hoping to get a Palm Pre as my new phone.
And now its out but what have they done, EXCLUSIVE to O2! minamin of £650 it will cost for a 18 Months Contract no just buy it option no PAYG, Palm you have allways been good but now im am hart broken, How can you sin like this WHY OH WHY just one network, WHY OH WHY can i just not buy.

I doubt this will be a success for you, you need to get market share but not this way! Id would even consider moving to O2's really crappy network if the price was not such a joke! and it is a Joke and the network is crap coverage is pore and contension is high and customer service lets just not go there.

Looks like after 10+ years of being a Palm boy im going to be finding my self a new way =(

I here Android is nice =(
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