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Some crazy monkey has set up a Facebook group to get Bill Bailey as Prime Minister. #BillBailey4PM

WTF is the world coming to
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I in Luton airport departures lounge? why? flight should of landed in bristol at 1am. its now 4am... do I know when ill get to bristol? no do I have a cahir to sit on? no. have I been offered a cup of tea? no. is there any one here from thompsons to ask WTF is going on? no. are there people here with little kids? yes. are there old frail people here? yes. Thompson hollidays FTW. GDMFSOAB.
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Most excellent, Rage for Xmass No1

A little Facebook group has become very popular, a protest agents the ITV Show X-factor, and a stand up for a a band that has done a lot -=)

Check out the face book page http://bit.ly/inthename

Donate to Shelter in there name http://www.justgiving.com/ratm4xmas

Twitter emm http://twitter.com/ratm4xmasno1
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Go Sign the petition http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/protectourcanals/?#detail. Stop more of OUR assets being sold of to pay for bankers mistakes.

Further to recent announcements concerning the potential sell-off of properties owned by British Waterways by the Treasury, we petition the Prime Minister to give assuarnces that our canals will be protected and recent levels of investement, a credit to Labour, is maintained.

Our canals are great source of pleasure for many people in the country, providing a source of employment through tourism and associated businesses. They're also home to many forms of wildlife. Without proper management this will ebb away and the network return to a state of decay and ruin.

We urge the Government to allow British Waterways to retain its property portfolio, protecting its essential source of revenue and ensure the sustainability of its work.
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790: "This is a classic type 13 planet, which typically
destroys itself at this stage of its development."

Xev: "How?"

790: "Sometimes through war, often through environmental
catastrophe. But more commonly, a type 13 planet is
inadvertently dcollapsed into a pea-sized object by
scientists attempting to determine the mass of the
Higgs Boson particle."

Joy a quote from one of Fave shows
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Centralia is a ghost town in Pennsylvania, United States. Its population has dwindled from over 1,000 residents in 1981 to 12 in 2005 and 9 in 2007, as a result of a mine fire burning beneath the borough since 1962.
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Oh cool its here http://www.seesaw.co.uk
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Most cool, Guess what i have been watching for the last week?

Vaiyo A-O

(Fighters of the Fight)

A Home Va Ya Ray

(For their home and their heart)

Vaiyo A-Rah

(We fighters will win or die)

Jerhume Brunnen G

(Forever we are Brunnen G)
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So i wait for over a year hoping to get a Palm Pre as my new phone.
And now its out but what have they done, EXCLUSIVE to O2! minamin of £650 it will cost for a 18 Months Contract no just buy it option no PAYG, Palm you have allways been good but now im am hart broken, How can you sin like this WHY OH WHY just one network, WHY OH WHY can i just not buy.

I doubt this will be a success for you, you need to get market share but not this way! Id would even consider moving to O2's really crappy network if the price was not such a joke! and it is a Joke and the network is crap coverage is pore and contension is high and customer service lets just not go there.

Looks like after 10+ years of being a Palm boy im going to be finding my self a new way =(

I here Android is nice =(
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Cool =)

Every programmer works in silent fear of a manager sneaking up on him and asking him to drop everything he is doing and work on an unrelated task. Context switches like this cost us time and energy, but managers are beginning to figure out that a programmer isn't a machine that can be switched on and off, no, they're understanding that a programmer is a machine that needs a warm up phase
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In fact, I’ve got a whole list of Wikipediae I’d like to see:

Well made me laugh =)
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A little list of Lightning Tracker's

isle of wight weather Tracker page

worthing weather Tracker Page

burnham on crouch weather Tracker Page

birmingham weather Tracker Page

Brid weather Tracker Page

borders weather - Greenlaw Tracker Page

Hebrides Weather Tracker Page

blitzortung Consolidated Tracker Page

weerstation marsdijk Holland Tracker Page

Guernsey Weather Tracker Page

Ionia Grease Tracker Page

Syros Island Greece Tracker Page

skywatcher Tracker Page

isle of wight weather - European Tracker page

StrickStart - European Overview - Tracker Page

There are a kack load more on the lightningring
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Ya Liberty for all...

Why should men and boys be able to go topless in public but women and girls can't? Now there's a day where they can!

The people at gotopless.org are having a NATIONAL GOTOPLESS PROTEST DAY on August 23, 2009. It says it's national but you can do it in whatever country you're in. Be careful if you're somewhere like Iran or Iraq of course.
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Why do I love Solaris so much, can any other OS do this.

Linked is a sun article about migrating a Solaris 8 physical servers to a container in a Solaris 10 server
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Planet SciCast is four things:

1. A competition to get children, young people, teachers, parents, science communicators and science/engineering/technology professionals all making short films about practical science.
2. A web resource of all those movies (plus write-ups of the activities, experiments and demonstrations), for the use and amusement of everyone involved, but particularly for schools.
3. A platform for other science engagement projects to share their work with a wider audience.
4. Finally, a discussion about who’s job it is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers with entertaining science related material.

Cool as =)


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Exelent =)

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strange things happen in this world:

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OMG How ironic is this eBay talking about 'unfair trade practices'

Ya eBay it totally fair, they do not force to use there own payment system (so they get paid twice for each auction). eBay also do not ignore sellers braking eBays rules and blatantly lying (well unless that seller is making them a tump load of cash) Yup this is totally how the competition law should be changed!


06 July, 2009 | 12:30PM BST

eBay was built on a simple idea – that we could empower people by building a global trading platform where practically anyone could buy or sell practically anything.

This idea is now under threat from brands who are trying to block the sale of their products on online marketplaces and other websites - regardless of whether such items are new or second-hand, genuine or fake.

We are therefore calling on the European Commission to amend EU competition law to stop these unfair trade practices. But we need your help to persuade them to take action.

Sign our petition against online trade barriers today!


The eBay Team
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Quite a funny article

This is in response to the column last week by Andrew Wickerham, who expressed his anger over the Colgate population's ignorance in our language towards his semester overseas. Apparently we made him angry by narrowing his whole experience down to the silly question, "How was Abroad?" Well, before you condemn all of us Colgate students to the depths of hell, let me say this in our defense- we were actually only being polite and couldn't care less how your trip Abroad was.
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